From Pride to Love

One of the biggest problems in the world is that everyone wants to be a critic. People watch intently, just waiting for anything they can snatch, twist, and blow out of proportion to drag a person to the ground. You say one word wrong? It’s instantly destroyed your reputation — “I KNEW that person was a fraud!” they say. You hit one wrong note in a song? They instantly label you as having no talent. You stumble over your words in a sentence? You’re instantly assumed to be an idiot.

Man was not created to judge. None of us are perfect, and as a good friend of mine told me: even if you WERE perfect, people would still find a reason to insult you or drag you down. Look at Jesus — He WAS perfect, and people made Him out to be a criminal, attempted to tarnish His spotless reputation, and literally spit in His face.

People seem to have this ingrained doctrine that everyone else not only is lesser than them, but must be proven to be lesser and then brought even lower. And that is a doctrine of pride, woven through our DNA like a toxic strand of poison.

We need to put our lives on pause for a moment, truly examine our hearts, and allow God to rewrite our DNA — without that strand of pride. We cannot truly love others until this happens. Pride inhibits and prohibits love.

How can our DNA be rewritten? Through prayer — true, honest, devoted, consistent, passionate prayer — and filling our minds with the Word of God rather than the acidic words and actions of Hollywood. What we allow into our minds flows into our hearts, taking up residence and influencing our actions, becoming part of us. Don’t allow evil to be part of who you are! You were created to be a child of God, with His DNA, not the DNA of this world. Let Christ define you. Be the definition of love. Be different.