“I’ll Wait”

I’ve been reading the Psalms lately, and my heart and mind have apparently soaked up what I’ve read, because most of these lyrics were inspired by various things I’ve read in the Psalms recently. The lyrics are also completely reflective of where I am in life right now: eager to take the next step, but needing to wait for God to direct that step. It’s a worship song, a song expressing my love for God and my desire to honor Him above all else.

Lyrics are in the video. All music, instruments, lyrics, and vocals are done by me. And as always, I know my vocals aren’t Grammy-quality, but that’s not my aspiration; my only aspiration is to follow my passion, worship my God, and share my journey with others along the way :-)

To God be all the glory, always and forever and in all things!

Instruments used: 12-string guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, mandolin, Cajon (percussion), and my voice.