ASD Journal App









ASD Journal is a guided journal app, geared toward helping people on the Autism spectrum (as well as others) work through and process things that would normally be difficult, whether it be emotions, significant events, sensory issues, triggers, or a combination of these.

The app guides the user through this process with a series of questions, followed by plenty of space in scrollable text boxes to write any thoughts that apply. This can be especially helpful before, during, or after a shutdown/meltdown, when communication and rational thought can often be inhibited and thoughts tend to be disorganized and frantic.






















Journal entries are saved for revisiting or editing at any time, and can also be deleted from the list by swiping left on the title of the entry.

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Although this app is primarily geared toward those on the Autism spectrum, virtually anybody can benefit from its unique, guided approach to journaling and working through problems we might otherwise be inclined to repress.

The app also features a “Help” page which explains the questions and how to use the journal, along with providing tips for identifying and expressing various basic emotions.











Note: this app is currently in the beta testing phase. If you would like to test the app on your iOS device, please contact me via Facebook or e-mail ([email protected]).