“Fight Today”

I was inspired to write this song based on some timely words of encouragement a friend (Peter MacNicol) once gave to me; words which entirely changed my perspective and helped equip me to fight both spiritually and mentally. The bridge of the song encapsulates perhaps the most impactful exhortation Peter conveyed to me: that, having the mind of Christ, we know that dark thoughts come not from within us, but from without, and we need not (and must not) allow them residency in our minds.

The first verse draws imagery from the Psalms, while the chorus is a call to battle. The premise is that when you view the entirety of a war, it may seem impossible; you may think, “How can I ever make it through another year?” But if you take each battle one by one, the question becomes not, “Can I make it through the year?” but rather, “Can I make it through one day?” And you can. Before you know it, after making it through just one day, three hundred and sixty-five times, you’ve made it through the year.

So fight today, and let tomorrow worry about itself!

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