If a man preaches that we will always desire sin and that by our hard work and devotion we can resist that sin and be saved from it, he’s not preaching the Gospel; he’s preaching to justify his own sin.

As Christians, our desire is for God, not for sin; we are raised to walk in newness of life, not raised to walk in the same old life with fancy new clothes that just make us “look” different. We will truly *be* different. Yes, there will be temptation, but our heart’s desire will be to honor God, and we’ll fight at all costs to do so. We’ll rely on His strength, and we’ll instinctively seek Him rather than sin.

And if we are truly saved, we are saved by the GRACE of God, not by our works or actions. The only action we can do that effects our salvation is to surrender. And it is only by God’s amazing grace that we are allowed this. True surrender and acceptance of Christ will always result in transformation, a complete rebirth of who we are, including (and especially) our heart’s desire.

Evaluate your heart, and if you see something there other than God, ask Him to make you willing to surrender it to Him. You’ll be glad you did!