“This Love Goes On”

This song doesn’t really need much explanation lol. The lyrics are pretty clear, although I’ll admit it is a “dual-purpose” song (open to two interpretations).

When I started writing this one, I started with the guitar riff. I wanted to get back to my focus on guitar with this song, because I’m so passionate about guitar (I’m passionate about music in general, but there’s something different about playing guitar). Honestly, I was tempted to just record the guitar and leave the lyrics out, because I fell so in love with the riff. But that would’ve been boring to anyone listening :-)

Lyrics are in the video. I kept this one simple with just guitar and vocals, to emphasize the guitar and the emotion. Didn’t want it too cluttered. All music, lyrics, instruments, and vocals are done by me. And as always, I know I’m not a Grammy-quality vocalist, but I don’t aspire to be. My only aspiration is to follow my passion, worship my God, and share my journey with others along the way ;-)

To God be all the glory, always and forever and in all things!