I’ve been writing a lot of music this week, and I’m finally getting around to recording it. I wrote this one a few days ago. It’s pretty self-explanatory I think, but it can be considered a dual-purpose song (meaning you can interpret it in multiple ways — e.g., relating to a person or relating to God). It’s mainly about the idea of letting go of fear, breaking out of your shell, and letting someone (or people in general) see your true heart. I kept it with just 12-string acoustic guitar and vocals, because I didn’t want other instruments crowding out the emotion.

Lyrics are in the video. All music, instruments, lyrics, and vocals are done by me. And as always, I know I’m not a Grammy-quality vocalist, but that’s not my aspiration. My only aspiration is to follow my passion, worship my God, and share my journey with others along the way ;-)

To God be all the glory, always and forever and in all things!