“For You”

As with all my songs, this is a song relevant to my life and my relationship with God. It is essentially a prayer/praise song, about surrendering my heart to God, and praising Him for the new heart He created within me. It’s a prayer that I won’t get in the way, won’t put anything in my heart that doesn’t belong there, won’t put walls up around it, won’t do anything but honor Him with it and simply love.

It’s a rough recording, simple one-take with guitar and vocals recorded at the same time, and yes there are a few rough chords. I’m just trying to get music up as I write it, so don’t expect perfection ;-)

Lyrics are in the video. I didn’t use any fancy slide transitions this time though. All music, lyrics, instruments, and vocals are done by me. And as always, I know my vocals are not Grammy-quality, but that is not my aspiration. My only aspiration is to follow my passion, worship my God, and share my journey with others along the way :-)

To God be all the glory, always and forever and in all things!